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We are professional in trading electronic component
We are professional in trading electronic component

Iritac Corporation comprises of the following subsidiaries:

1. Iridiumation Enterprises Co Ltd first founded in 1994, Taiwan.
2. IRITAC Corporation was established in 1997, Taiwan..
3. Shanghai company - opened in 2000 who coped with the market demand and business transition mode which urged us gradually integrated in China.

Our Evolution:

1.We are professional in trading electronic component, specialize to serve industrial manufacturers of sourcing Passive, discrete parts as well as Active component.
2. We focused our service to oversea market that across region of Europe and Asia at our early business stage, and especially in providing the complete products & sales service to our customers.
3. Afterward our business grew up and our performance has highly recognized by our loyal customers. We were then simultaneously expanded our scope and acquired authorized agent for some renowned brands in electronic field. IRI is currently establishing our supply chain and sustaining to seek stronger supply network worldwide.
4. In light of the above evolution, we are providing total solution to our customer from project design; component selection as well as speedy sourcing and constructive comment on production process improvement.

Corporate Mission and Vision

All of our IRI caliber and diligence employees will provide their professional knowledge on technical support. We insist our attitude with enthusiasm and be active to service and satisfy our customers.

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